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Here at Pawsforobedience we hope to help you create a lasting bond with your dog.  We train you how to train your dog using force free methods and modern science to train as well as problem solve.

Each dog is unique in their own being, methods used to reach you and or your dog will be individualized to meet that need. While the methods used are considered positive, this does not mean permissive.  One needs to be a benevolent leader giving precise, clear information to gain success in training.





At Pawsforobedience we provide dog owners with information and techniques to train their dogs to be a valued member of the family.  Dogs are social animals looking to their humans to guide them as to their place in the home.  Dogs should be treated with respect, care and love. 

We help the student to realize that there is no need to intimidate our dogs to get a desired behavior or punish them for some perceived misbehavior.  It is only a misbehavior in the humans eye; dogs do what works, we need to teach our dogs what we would prefer they do in a given situatation.

Understanding how dogs learn will help a family to be successful with their puppy or dog.   Rewarding behaviors we like and redirecting, ignoring or teaching incompatible behaviors for those we do not like gives a strong foundaion to the well behaved pet we wish to train.